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March 28, 2020
I'm Still Here: Motherhood & Ministry
Rezwana Derbyshire

It seemed like just yesterday I was sitting in writing rooms (or on skype) with God’s people in Nashville, chasing down songs for His glory, dreaming about carrying songs that would tell the world who God is and what He’s done for me. It was the very beginning of what I knew would be an […]

April 11, 2018
6 Reasons I Don’t Babysit My Children
Gary Derbyshire

Starting in my younger adult years and now into fatherhood, I heard dads use this phrase quite regularly, “No, I can’t make it to [whatever gathering], I’m babysitting [my kids].” They usually mean they are home alone with their children while their wife is out running an errand or doing something for herself. That phrase […]

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