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October 31, 2018
Is God Punishing Me?
Gary Derbyshire

Few questions in life are more common or more inflammatory than, “Is God punishing me?” It is a question asked by suffering people everywhere, Christian or non-Christian. In the past two months, I have been preaching through the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. One of the biggest points of emphasis from these prophets is that […]

June 2, 2018
6 Ways to Arm Yourself During Busy Seasons
Gary Derbyshire

I don’t know about you, but as a Youth Pastor, summer is an overwhelmingly busy season for me. Tomorrow I lead the start of my church’s Vacation Bible School week, easily the largest single event we do all year. Four days after VBS ends, I take the youth group to summer camp in Southern California […]

May 11, 2018
3 Christian Doctrines Mormons Believe with Very Different Meanings
Gary Derbyshire

Recently, a few of my students asked if I could send them a few Bible verses with which to compare with the Book of Mormon. I get this kind of request all the time, so I thought I would do a quick post about it. The short answer is the difference between Mormonism and Christianity […]

May 2, 2018
5 Ways for the Christian to Get Eaten
Gary Derbyshire

I know it’s a weird title, but hey, I didn’t write the Bible. I just believe and preach it. In His famous charge to 72 evangelists, Jesus says a very ironic thing. He tells a bunch of people with an eternal Gospel to proclaim to strangers that they are lambs in the midst of wolves […]

March 6, 2018
Kids These Days (Children's Edition)
Gary Derbyshire

In 2016, my church was facing a crisis in membership diversity. Our church, in the midst of rapidly growing community of mostly families with children, had just seven families with children out of over 300 members. Furthermore, although teenagers were getting saved and baptized, the church had baptized very few children. Our pastor, burdened by […]

February 28, 2018
Kids These Days (Teen Edition)
Gary Derbyshire

This past weekend, my church hosted its annual Disciple Now event. The DNow weekend, very popular in Baptist churches, is about the church loving teenagers with good, games, music, teaching, and hosting them in their homes. Our DNow event happens to be a highly anticipated activity as the church waits eagerly to hear what God […]

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