Gary Derbyshire

7 Signs Your Political Opinions are Too Important to You

Gary Derbyshire
September 28, 2017

In my short lifetime, I do not remember a time our nation was more divided on political lines. It is so important for Christians to be informed and involved in this arena, especially since we live in a country where our votes matter. However, not all political opinion and involvement is created equal. The following are seven signs your political opinions as a Christian are too important to you:

1. The vast majority of your social media content or internet browser history is full of political commentary, satire, and strong views on political issues, but very little of what you actually believe about God. If someone who didn’t go to church with you saw your Facebook page, would they see a Christian who cares deeply about the politics in his or her nation, or would they see a political activist who happens to be a Christian? There is a difference. Are they more likely to know what you believe about immigration policy than they do about saving grace through Jesus?

2. You believe a nation with conservative values automatically makes it more Christian. Muslim nations believe in the sanctity of marriage and many have strong laws against abortion. They’re still not Christian. An atheist who agrees with you about healthcare reform is still an atheist. He or she still needs Jesus. Don’t forget that a nation must have Jesus before its morality is going to mean a thing to God. Every Christian has the obligation to seek the good of and love their nation, but their affection for Jesus must be more than their country.

3. You are more likely to get into a political argument than a Gospel conversation. Your friends, coworkers, children, and neighbors are less likely to remember what you believe and more likely to remember what you are excited about. If you are more excited about a debate on the sanctity of marriage than you are about sharing the Gospel with your Hindu coworker in the next cubicle, something is wrong. If you deliver more speeches to your family about politics than you do about God’s saving grace, your children are likely to believe political activism is more important than surrendering their lives to Jesus.

4. You believe that whether our nation turns to Christ or rejects him outright is in the hands of political leadership. Political leaders have a huge role in our lives. They influence Supreme Court nominees, abortion rates, definition of marriage, racial equality, and other important matters. However, political leaders are not preachers, pastors, or religious leaders. If a new revival comes to America, it won’t be from a political leader. On the other hand, biblical end times passages never guarantee the antichrist, if it is an actual person at all, will be a political leader either.

5. You spread exaggerated or outright false accusations against opposing political leaders. Just because a political leader is clearly furthering the liberal agenda, it does not give Christians the right to make up things about him or her. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen my fellow Christians going absolutely crazy about a clearly edited or cropped picture clearly from a shady website about how an opposing leader is anything from the antichrist to a secret spy.

6. You believe another brother in the faith who does not share you political views is less of a Christian. Our view on the authority of the Bible should absolutely lead to political convictions as far as morality is concerned. However, much of the current political banter has nothing to do with scripture. If God doesn’t address an issue or principal in scripture, it probably doesn’t ­matter in eternity. For example, I believe in the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, but I don’t at all judge other Christians for wanting more gun control. It’s just not a Gospel issue.

7. You openly defy and disrespect the authority of liberal or other contrary leaders in authority. The original command by God to “be subject to every human institution” (1 Peter 2:13) was not given to a people in a country with conservative leadership. Christians are not just to respect and honor Christian authorities, but every human institution. God put those leaders in authority and can absolutely use them for his glory, whether they intended to do so or not.


Don’t get me wrong I am extremely passionate about a number of political issues. And there are some political issues that reflect a great deal more about our theology than others. The overwhelming fact that between 3,500 and 4,000 babies will be aborted by the end of TODAY in the United States alone brings me to absolute grief every time I think about it. However, that conviction comes from scripture and who I am in Christ. Still, it is one thing for me to vote for a candidate who may help bring the abortion number down, but what really matters is to labor every day in my home, church, and community to help bring young people into right relationship with Jesus.

Gary Derbyshire

Gary is the Senior Pastor of Apollo Baptist Church in Glendale, Arizona. Gary's biggest life influence is his loving parents, who originally taught him the Gospel and biblical exposition, and still live as missionaries in Asia. The next biggest influence is his loving wife, a gifted worship leader and evangelist to their children.

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