6 Ways to Make Disciples From Home

Gary Derbyshire

There is no bad time to obey Jesus.

I'm Still Here: Motherhood & Ministry

Rezwana Derbyshire

My plans are not His plans.

9 Things People Suddenly Believe Because of COVID-19 that Were Already True

Gary Derbyshire

I guess we have to reach people outside of a worship service now.

3 Christian Responses to a Pandemic from Philippians 4:4-9

Gary Derbyshire

We might have empty shelves in the grocery stories, but we have full opportunities in a lost world.

When It's Not Working

Gary Derbyshire

Setbacks in the face of spiritual commitments.

Holy Anxiety

Gary Derbyshire

The cause is hell. The cure is heaven.

5 Truths About Worship Music Style

Gary Derbyshire

Worship leaders are not music producers who happen to be church members, they are biblical shepherds who happen to sing.

5 Godly Criticisms from Older Church Members

Gary Derbyshire

How a young pastor can lead through weakness.

A Sunday in the Life of a Pastor

Gary Derbyshire

I have a great job.

4 Reasons the Bible Should Drive Your Prayer Life

Gary Derbyshire

Questions from my church members this week.

Is God Punishing Me?

Gary Derbyshire

I hope so.

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